Online Marketing at SEA Foundation


Online marketing, content creation, social media marketing

After my internship at SEA Foundation, I focused on the online marketing and content creation for their website and social media channels. SEA Foundation is an art organization in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Instagram: by setting up Q&A’s, polls, creative posts and stories, and planning these with the use of a tool the engagement rate of the Instagram account grew. The public started to engage more with the posts which resulted in more comments and shares. This helped the account grow and gain more followers.


Facebook: On our Facebook page I promoted events, created posts and shared important posts from others. I also used the insights from Facebook to optimise and create effective posts and events. To improve our support chat, I made automated responses and FAQ in the page chat.

Website: For the website, which was made using WordPress, I created posts, stories and new products. I was responsible for keeping the website up-to-date. In the time I worked at SEA Foundation, I optimised the website on structure, SEO and readability.