Graduation project: Moodboard


Moodboard is the project I did for my graduation.

Main question:
How can people express their emotions and feelings and reflect on these in an accommodating way?

The process:
By doing research about the time we’re living in, I came to the subject of self love. We all have few of it because we’re constantly looking for confirmation from others and we want more and more of it. I made a scheme about self love, to see what we need to have to get more self love and what we get out of it. I focused on the understanding of your feelings, which will lead to more self love.


A target group where self love is very important, are militaries and veterans. I interviewed this group about their missions and discovered a lot of emotional aspects about their mission and their homecoming.

With this information I thought of some creative concepts, like Moodboard. Moodboard is a board with tokens in different colours. Every colour stands for a different emotion. Every day you can put a token in and at the end of the week you will have an overview of the emotions felt through the week.


By testing this concept in the form of an app, I could see what worked better; an app or the physical object. I came to the conclusion that the app had more possibilities. I could add statistics and the app could be used everywhere and any time. I also made a function to add the reason of your emotion. After every time the user fills in their emotion and the reason of it, they will get a question to think about it (self reflection).

The app is very useful and handy for militaries on mission or at their homecoming. They can compare their feelings when they’re on the mission and when they’re home. Therefore, they will be more aware of their emotions and will understand that it is normal to feel these. They will accept their emotions and this is the first step to gain more self love.

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