De Wip (The Seesaw)


De Wip (The Seesaw) is a short western film which I made with a group of students. This project was part of a full week of making short movies at school. The elements of this genre had to come back in the movie, but we could make this one of our own. A western often contains the subject of ‘group against individual’. In our movie two people are sitting on a seesaw, but you will find out later why. Suspense is created by delaying the reveal of the clue. I think it was very instructive to make a short movie form beginning to end. Especially to come up with an idea and to complete this in a product interested me.

Made by: Nadine Visser, Hanna Heijnen, Remco de Bont, Ruben Daniëlse, Roman Guérin

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