New website International Compliance Partners

In October 2020 I started my job as Project Coordinator Marketing & Communication at International Compliance Partners. In this period of time, I was responsible for the new website. Together with some colleagues, I designed the website from scratch. The menu, the text, the images, the links and all other stuff that needed to be […]

Small art organizations: Instagram as an engagement tool

Reaching larger audiences for art organizations can be challenging. In what ways can Instagram be deployed to help small art organisations?

Project .MOV | The movies I watched in 2019

During Project.Mov, my goal is to watch as many new movies (to me) in a year. I noticed that I have not watched a lot of classic and important movies. I wanted to watch more. You can see the list in real time at my Letterboxd account. I also write down the movies I watched in chronological […]

Graduation project: Moodboard

Moodboard is the project I did for my graduation. Main question:How can people express their emotions and feelings and reflect on these in an accommodating way? The process:By doing research about the time we’re living in, I came to the subject of self love. We all have few of it because we’re constantly looking for […]